Is Low Fat Healthy?

sour cream and berries

I read with great interest an article on the Washington Post, saying that strict low fat diets are not necessarily healthy.

It’s interesting how for years everyone thought that fat was the enemy, but over the last few years, we are beginning to realize that our bodies need fat – certainly the healthy fats found in olive oil or fish, but even small amounts of saturated fats are not necessarily bad for us.

Interestingly, more and more health professionals are focusing on sugar, not on fat, as our main health issue. As we were removing fat from foods, they became bland, so we had to add something to make them taste better – and in many cases, that something was sugar. Lots of sugar.

Now, unlike fat, sugar is 100% bad for you – no question about it – the less you consume, the better. This New York Times article basically tells us that sugar is toxic – and the fact that there are guidelines to limit fat consumption, but not sugar consumption, is absurd.

As the descendant of a Dutch family, where fat ruled but sugar was consumed sparingly (think Dutch butter cake, where the high fat content gave the cake so much flavor and texture, only a little amount of sugar was needed), I know firsthand that one can consume fats while staying healthy, active and thin.

It’s not that we’re advocating eating saturated fats with abandon! And of course, your own doctor’s advice must come first. But we do believe that it’s time we stopped viewing fat as “evil” and started feeling more comfortable about consuming it in small quantities.

We’re absolutely better off eating a natural food that contains some fat over consuming fat-free processed foods that are laden with sugar, artificial colors and flavors, in a desperate attempt to make them appealing despite the lack of fat.

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