Sour Cream Tips and Tricks

We get lots of emails asking us all kinds of questions about sour cream. Here are a few tips and tricks that we’ve compiled over the years.

1. Here is something that hopefully goes without saying: sour cream should always be refrigerated. Just like any other dairy product.

2. Some liquid separation may occur after opening the container and is normal. Simply stir it back in, or pour it out – this is completely up to you and will not affect the product’s quality or taste.

3. Unfortunately, you can’t freeze sour cream – it separates when thawed.

4. Sour cream is a wonderful thickener and can add creaminess to many sauces. Just remember that in order to avoid curdling, sour cream should be at room temperature, and sauce should be cooled slightly, prior to adding the sour cream.

5. Sour cream tastes best when very fresh, and when free of additives, thickeners and preservatives.

6. Sour cream is a baker’s friend! Add 1 cup of Lilly Sour Cream to your cake batter and you’ll get an amazingly moist and fluffy cake. Sour cream can replace yogurt, and part of the milk, in most recipes, and the result will be richer and creamier.

7. Sour cream is also a cook’s best friend! Add a dollop of sour cream to, well, almost anything for extra creaminess – including risotto, guacamole, scrambled eggs… the options are limitless!

8. Original sour cream contains 5-6 grams of fat per serving. Some commercial brands also add thickeners such as gelatin, flavors and salt, so if you want a pure product, choose Lilly!

9. If you would like to enjoy the flavor and texture of sour cream but are watching your fat intake, light sour cream (2-3 grams fat) and fat free sour cream (no fat) are both excellent options.

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