Back to Basics

What does “clean eating” mean to you? To more and more people, it means refusing to consume artificial ingredients. It means going back to basics – to eating the foods that our grandparents and great grandparents used to eat. Many feel that commercial food production in the United States has gone completely out of control – that in companies’ quest to make products that taste good and have a long shelf life, they had lost all consideration for consumes’ health.

So we see products that contain additives – preservatives, thickeners, flavorings and colorants. We see products with a looong list of ingredients, most of which we cannot recognize or pronounce. Many of these products don’t even taste that good anymore – they taste chalky or overly sweet, or they might leave a weird after-taste. But even if they do taste good and never spoil – what price do we pay, in terms of our health, for these conveniences?

The good news: more and more consumers are rebelling against the food giants. They want wholesome, natural brands. They want a short, clean list of in ingredients. And now, after the Atkins and the South Beach revolution, we also know that many doctors believe that fat – in reasonable amounts – is not inherently bad for us. Certainly not the fats found in olive oil, avocado and nuts, but even the fats found in dairy are not necessarily bad for our health, in reasonable amounts. If anything presents a health hazard, it’s sugar and artificial ingredients.

So sour cream… we have to mention sour cream, after all that’s what we do! Sour cream with a clean list of ingredients, no thickeners, no additives – the same sour cream that your great grandmother used, creamy and delicious – when used in small quantities, to add creaminess to mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs… to add richness to cake batter… to make delicious dips for chips and crudites – this is real food, natural food, wholesome food, and as always when it comes to food consumption, as long as you exercise portion control and don’t over-indulge, go ahead and enjoy it! And if you want a creamy, delicious, and truly guilt-free experience, you can always opt for fat free or light Lilly sour cream- as Sam the Cooking Guy always says, they really are delicious!

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