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10 Sour Cream Dos and Don’ts

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Sour cream is one of those magic foods that have the ability to greatly improve the taste of other foods. Using sour cream is fairly straightforward – most of us add sour cream to recipes to make them richer and creamier; we top all kinds of foods (especially hot and crispy foods) with cool, creamy sour cream to enhance their flavor and texture; and we make yummy dips based on sour cream.

There are a few things, though, that you shouldn’t do with sour cream – boiling it, for example, or freezing it. Here’s the complete list of sour cream dos and don’ts:

DO use a tablespoon or two of Lilly sour cream to enhance the flavor of, and add creaminess and texture to baked potatoes, tacos, chili, guacamole and more.

DO substitute half a cup of sour cream for yogurt, milk or buttermilk in cake, muffin and cookie batters, for creamy and moist baked goods.

DON’T freeze sour cream – it separates when thawed.

DO look for sour cream with a very short list of ingredients and with absolutely no additives, thickeners or flavorings.

DON’T add sour cream to very hot sauces or soups. To avoid curdling, allow sauce to cool slightly first.

DO add a tablespoon or two of Lilly sour cream for creamy, delicious mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and pancake batter.

DO use light and fat-free sour cream as excellent alternatives to regular sour cream, if you’re watching your calories or fat intake.

DON’T boil sour cream – it will separate.

DO use sour cream instead of mayonnaise, for a lighter consistency and fewer calories.

DO insist on eating basic, wholesome food – none of those processed-beyond-recognition foods with a huge list of ingredients that no one can identify.

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