The Sour Cream Solution For Those Living Healthier Lifestyles!

Woman eating Taco SaladNow Sour Cream lovers can make it a regular part of every meal or recipe!

  • A delicious satisfying sour cream that tastes thick and rich.
  • Only 18g calories per serving – That’s 55% fewer calories than Daisy Light and 70% less than regular sour cream.
  • Lilly contains up to 50% more protein than Daisy light and original.
  • An excellent source of protein– 3x’s more calcium than regular sour cream.
  • Provides cooking hold up power in maintaining shape and does not loose its form.

The Lilly European style sour cream provides the rich thick flavor of regular sour cream without the guilt to be included with every meal. For the millions of consumers following healthier lifestyles, high protein is also important in their diets. Lilly is the one simple solution!

Sour Cream – Not Just A Condiment!

Primarily, sour cream is often thought of as a condiment for baked potatoes, base for a dip or salad dressings and to top your favorite Mexican food.

The Lilly Brand is bringing sour cream back to every meal in baking, added to the mix for cakes, cookies, American-style biscuits, doughnuts, scones, with fruits or berries and with dessert!

Lilly Sour Cream – making every recipe delicious and guilt free!!!